Sotto UG-65 Undercounter Ice Cube Machine

The clear and simple choice. Not available in the US and Canada.

We called it Sotto because Sotto literally means “under” and Sotto is the all-new, redesigned undercounter ice machine from Manitowoc Ice. The Italian phrase Sotto Voce-quiet emphasis-perfectly describes Sotto’s unique undercounter plug-and-play design, and its industry-leading performance. Sotto will quietly do its job-reliably making quality, clean and clear ice-while allowing you to put greater emphasis on what’s most important-your customer.

Sotto is the perfect solution for venues where just a few large cubes in the glass are preferred-restaurants,bars, caf├ęs, coffee shops, and delis.

Quiet by nature the Sotto undercounter ice machine puts quality ice where you need it most.

  • Commercial Warranty
  • High grade stainless steel exterior
  • Industry Leading Performance
  • Intuitive Control System
  • Large, Clean, Clear, 20g Gourmet Cube
  • Redesigned Refrigeration System Yields up to 43% More Ice
  • Slide-out Air Filter
  • Tool-Free Food Zone

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